As like other subjects such as English and Mathematics, the history is a core subject that you have found in almost all the elementary, middle and high schools. At the middle and elementary schools, the history is taught beneath the more general heading of social studies. With the several advanced levels, the history courses are mainly focused on the particular regions as well as time periods since the centuries ago. In order to teach history at elementary level, first of all, you have to be a history professor that needs to hold a degree in history. In addition to, one should have done the teacher training program such as internship or a student teaching experience that launches the hopeful educators to the dynamics of teaching middle school-aged children.

to be a history professor

Professor of history- Requirements and career info

The position of history professor always needs the significant formal education. Initially, you have to study about the education, degree requirements and job duties to see, if this is a right career for you.

Usually, the professor of history should get a graduate degree and commonly requiring the potential research as well as writing in the area of specialization. These history professors can guide the college history students in specialized as well as broad topics. Moderately, they also hold the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree and also master’s degree might be eligible them for work at the junior arts colleges. Some doctoral programs need work as a teaching assistant and foreign language exam.

Find the right path to become a professor

In general, the professor always teaches the students at universities and colleges. They take on numerous courses for each quarter or semester and also develop an outline or syllabus for each course. All you have to do is to find a path to becoming a professor that includes the following steps:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree
  • Select a subject to specialize in
  • Participate in the assistantship
  • Complete the applicable exams
  • Get a license or become certified to teach history
  • Earn a master’s degree
  • Pursue professional development opportunities

Even some colleges do not only want the lecturers who have the academic knowledge, but also they want those who have filed experience in their subject of proficiency.


In order to get the employment, the professors who work with the students have to earn a license. The license requirements based on what field the professor are specialized in as well as in the state where they work.